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Red Balls Rock N Roll Pizza

Living in LA has its challenges, especially if you’re a working stiff like me.

The daily battle with the 405, the high cost of living and dubious air quality are all reasons to hate LA.

But here’s one reason to love it – Red Balls Rock N Roll Pizza.

As soon as I walked in there I knew I would love it – the ambiance alone is kick ass.  The bar and tables look like road gear that’s been emblillsed with various rock n roll parapanila like vinyl records and guitar picks.  Or maybe it’s because I have my very own chair at the bar (um – can we get the spelling corrected? – Thanks!)
 photo IMG_1915_zps34f94d2a.jpg

If the grunge rock decor is not your thing – then the food will win you over.  I have my favorite pizza places.  #1)  The Rainbow 2) Fab’s in Sherman Oaks  #3) Barones in Van Nuys and now… now there’s a 4rth.  Red Balls Rock n Roll pizza is WONDERFUL. Thin crisply crust, just the right amount of cheese and sauce.  The Mama Leahs Bronx White Pie was to die for.  I’m a fan.

If you’ve googled Red Balls and you ended up here – it’s probably because you’ve heard “the” rumors.   Yes – the Foo Fighters warmed up here before they went out on a quick tour.  Yes – Taylor Hawkins held the record release of Birds of Satan.  And yes – pretty much everyone in the Foo showed up.

I felt bad for Dave.  He obviously was there to enjoy the show and great music (he was rockin out in the crowd like the rest of his)  He was mobbed by endless stream of people taking selfies with the him in the background.  (He handled this all with a lot of class)

I plan on going back to Red Balls soon.  The place is just too awesome.

Getting my Kix!

I’ve had some pretty amazing birthdays  – one spent in Kauai, one at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  This year was no different!

My birthday started when I walked into the kitchen that morning and saw Thing 2 making my latte – that’s when I remembered it was my birthday!  I was gifted with a Starbucks gift card and a pink Kings shirt by Thing 1 and Thing 2.    Wow!  Presents from the kids!  I feel special!

That evening, Dr. Malibu surprised me by inviting our friends over for our favorite themed dinner – Taco Night!  He made his famous pulled pork tacos along with chicken with all the taco garnishments.  Serious yum!  I’m a professional – I go straight for the pulled pork.  Ms. Carrie Stevens made a homemade cake with coffee and a whipped Jack Daniels frosting – true deliciousness from the Centerfold Chef herself!

 photo CarrieCake_zps9fcaf801.jpg

Centerfold Chef Carrie Stevens

The following night was spent with Buckcherry at the Viper room.  Yeah – the Viper Room.  That’s what I LOVE about LA –  sometimes you get to see your favorite band close enough to feel their sweat (if you choose to stand up by the stage which I do not)  If you don’t know – the Viper Room is a tiny venue (and it gets really hot in there – the sweat threat is real).

 photo IMG_3058_zps3df61155.jpg

Buckcherry at the Viper Room

Buckcherry was kicking off their new album Confessions with 3 nights at the Viper.   This is a band you need to see live and up close!  You can feel the energy in the room ignite when Josh starts to sing!  He’s up there dancing, prancing and screaming – the crowd adores him!  Buckcherry rolled out a few of the new songs but played their hits – Crazy Bitch, Cocaine and Sorry.

 photo JoshBuckCherry_zps68d73d54.jpg

Josh Todd

Night three was the pinnacle with Femme Fatale opening for Kix at the Key Club.   We started with a great dinner at the Rainbow where Dr. Malibu secured the coveted corner booth.

 photo cornerbooth_zps33e1747e.jpg

Corner Booth at the Rainbow

Sharise Neil walked in and spotted half of my party wearing Pink Polka Dot dresses (the other half were men… Sharise is going to have to expand her line.)

 photo pinkpolkadot_zps4c89e5a6.jpg

Pink Polka Dot night at the Rainbow!

 photo femmefatale_zps190f7824.jpg

Lorraine Lewis at the Key Club

Then we all went over to the Key Club and watched Lorraine Lewis from Femme Fatale kick off the night.  Lorraine rocks!  She’s the female equivalent to young Mick Jaggar! Not only is she an extraordinary woman – one of the key producers on Ex Wives of Rock currently running on Fuse, but she’s also really, really a nice lady.

 photo 486138_10200315217337553_1992207295_n_zpsdc14f0ed.jpg

Lorraine Lewis

 photo goodbyekeyclub_zpsce1da466.jpg

Kix at the Key Club

Finally, finally, finally Kix played.  I sang all the words to every song right along with the rest of the audience.   There was a lot of Kix love in the room.

 photo setlist_zpsc89caf98.jpg

Kix Set List

After the show, I was too exhilarated to be sad that the show was over, that this was the last night of the Key Club and that so much on the strip has changed.  Right outside the Key Club doors – someone handed me a flyer – it brought me back to the days of Gazzarris.  The Key Club is closing – rumors have it that Jay Z bought it and is turning it into a dance club.  There was a lot of commemorating that night about the Sunset Strip and all the changes.  The Key Club used to be Billboard Live which used to be Gazzarris – and that’s the venue I miss the most.   I’m glad I got to be there.  But there’s no turning back time.  With every birthday  – we all get a little older and we treasure our memories and our friendships even more.

This was a night I’ll never forget – I’m thankful I got to spend it with my friends and my favorite band.

Kix at the Key Club

I am getting the BEST birthday present!

Kix is playing for my birthday!  This band rarely makes it out to the west coast.  I’ve literally only seen them five times.

The first time I saw them was at the Country Club in Reseda.  A college buddy  said – “you gotta see this band”.   It was love at first sight!

Then I saw them at either the Roxy or the Whiskey.  I can’t remember because on my way out to Hollywood my car broke down in Beverly Hills.  There’s nothing more special than knocking on the door of a total billionaires house asking to use the phone while you’re dressed like a total whore (This was the 80’s people – “mini skirts and see through shirts” and no cell phones)  For Shame!

 photo 5412_1178946668319_7546816_n_zpsec594e7b.jpg

Kat with Kix at Rocklahoma

The next time was Exposure in Hollywood.  I swear my BF Kat was with me but she doesn’t remember.  I do remember going there though – on my own dime – spending that Girl Money.

 photo 20865_1457196584393_3212955_n_zps804a198c.jpg

Steve Whiteman after playing at Rocklahoma

The last time I saw them was at the House of Blues.
Someone should have told me Don’t Close Your Eyes.

 photo 47325_1471212113305_8143197_n_zps5a0dd877.jpg

Getting my Kix on!

Next time will be at the Key Club…. for my birthday.

You know how it is for your birthday, you want to do SOMETHING.  But we’re past the age where you feel like you need to make a big deal out of one more pass around the sun.  Plus, Dr. Malibu just had an epic party that will never be matched –  so when Kix decided to play, for my birthday – it was set.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Best Birthday Ever!  Thank you Kix!


 photo wiltern_zps8d00bc69.jpg

Wiltern Theater Soundgarden by @drmalibu

I’ve seen Soundgarden twice –both from the same perspective.

The first time was at the Forum – wayyyyy up high at the top.  The cool thing about the Forum is that even though you feel like you’re gonna hit your head on the ceiling,–  you’re  still oddly close to the stage. You have a way better view than you would at someplace like the Hollywood Bowl or the late Universal Amphitheater.  Of course, the sound is amazing!

My GF was at the same concert so Dr. Malibu and I went over to her side of the venue to say hello. There was some guy sitting in front of her who clearly had had a few cocktails. Or something.  Every few minutes he would bellow “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!” in the way only a crazy person off their meds could!  It was so funny we started joining in.  Every time one of us screamed “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!” he screamed “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!”.    This amused us for months afterwards.

 photo wiltherceiling_zpse5465695.jpg

Wiltern Theater Ceiling

Dr. Malibu and I went to Soundgarden again last night. It was total deja vu at the Wiltern Theater.  Again we had the birds eye view – we were super close to the ceiling with its amazing art deco design that adorns it and the theater walls.  The sound was great and we had a great view of the stage.

One thing we couldn’t help but notice – the audience was old. When did old people start going to concerts? Were these really the people I used to go to clubs with? The band started and everyone stood up with excitement and started dancing… which lasted one song.  Then everybody sat down.  It was clearly past bed time on a school night.  Then, typical of old people, everyone got up to pee.  It seemed like every five minutes we were letting people by.   The concert just started people!  You couldn’t go before it started?

The girl next to me was doing a weird dance with her arms. It looked like she was trying to land a plane – guiding it to her seat and then back to the stage.  At some point it was clear that she too, had had a few cocktails, and the pilot left to use the ladies.  We noticed when she came back, she stood for some time, trying to remember where she was supposed to be.   Dr. Malibu suggested that if she didn’t leave, she wouldn’t have trouble finding her seat.  “I haven’t had that much to drink” she responded “I have to drive”, holding up two hands as if gripping a steering wheel.   Back in her captains chair, she resumed the  navigation dance and screamed “I LOVE YOU CHRIS!”  Dr. Malibu and I immediately looked at each other and yelled “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!”
 photo Nicole_zpsa0ac100f.jpg
Awesome – now we have dance moves to go along with our favorite cheer!