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Vintage Headboard Update – make that 1890’s French Rococo Carved Headboard

Since I will sell the vintage headboard (even though I don’t want to) I decided to do a little research and was stunned to immediately have one pop up that looked really similar to mine!
Thanks goes to the Eclectic Revisited blog where I saw this.  Maureen was an absolute doll and even sent me a posting  where she found it.  While they’re not exactly the same and mine’s probably not an authentic Rococo French Walnut Headboard from the 1890’s, it was nice to have an idea where this headboard gained it’s original inspiration from.

I removed the upholstered panel and painted the outer edges in a glossy white.  The panel was probably an attempt to hide some minor damage to the wood and encouraged me to re-upholster the headboard in a more modern print.  Someone had written the date 1979 on the back of the upholstery panel, which I’m assuming, is also the age of the funky green velvet like fabric used to cover it.

Of course, I have the PERFECT fabric to cover the panel with but it is exactly 2 inches to short to cover the entire piece.  I decided to go with this chocolate brown remnant that I found at Joanns.  Again, its not my first pick but at some point I need to get this on Craigslist.

DIY MIX Channel

So – Mr. Malibu watches a lot of sports… He loves that fact that certain games show up on my TV since I’ve got satellite and he’s got cable.  While he was downloading his daily dose of all things sports… I noticed a channel that the crafting, home design and DIY channels seem to be lacking….  It’s called Sports Mix.  It shows you like six games on one screen.  Why isn’t there a DIY Mix channel?   You would be able to see bathrooms being remodeled, perhaps a knitting show (long live Knitty Gritty) and a backyard make over all at one time!  Wouldn’t you just love that?