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What I Did Last Summer

Now that the kids are back in school, I’ll update the badly neglected blog with the requisite back to school assignment “What I Did Last Summer”

1)       Went to Maui.
Hate on me all you want, but I had a free place to stay and a free car to drive (that probably didn’t quell any hatred).

Here’s what we did…

 photo haleakela_zpsbf302b4c.jpg

Sun Rising Over Haleakala July 4th 2013

Nakalele Blow Hole

Nakalele Blow Hole

Got sprayed by a blow hole (standing safely FAR from the hole)

 photo waterpark_zps94b763d6.jpg

Warning Sign at Nakalele Blow Hole

 photo snorkel2_zps72348b8a.jpg

Honolua Bay

Snorkeled with turtles, seals,  and beautiful fish

 photo SevenSacredPools_zps7bcd39da.jpg

Seven Sacred Pools in Hana

Drove the back way into Hana and fulfilled a life time dream to swim in the Seven Sacred Pools….

 photo notsosacredpools_zpsa2839403.jpg

Nothing Sacred About these Pools

 photo bambooforestinHana_zpsc45285d1.jpg

Walked through a Bamboo Forest

 photo cornatFirstFridayMaui_zps5f477449.jpg

Enjoyed the food and festivities at First Friday

 photo venuspool_zpsedd75abe.jpg
Jumped off a cliff to a cheering crowd of 8 year olds who put me to shame
That’s Thing 2 who also put me to shame.
So did Thing 1 and Dr. Malibu.

 photo lavahole_zps3f4ba5b6.jpg

Walked through a Lava tube

 photo tikitorches_zpsd988a2c2.jpg

Tiki Torches at Sunset

 photo sunsetattheRitz_zpsc4980705.jpg

Sunset at the Four Season in Maui

 photo sunsetontheLanai_zps8fa03c75.jpg

Sunset on the Lanai

 photo handstandsinthesand_zpsfe9fc8ec.jpg

Handstands in the sands

Enjoyed 8 nights of Sunsets

 photo LuauinMauiFireDancer_zpsa91534cf.jpg

Snuck into a Luau

 photo JnJatSunset_zpse136999f.jpg
Gave my kids the experience of a life time!

2)      Grew tomatoes.
Buckets of tomatoes.  Cherry, Roma, I picked bowls and bowls of tomatoes.  I made pasta sauce, after sauce, after sauce, and salsa, and salad after salad and tomato soup.  They are still producing.
 photo tomatoes_zps054d96cd.jpg

3)      Went to Alaska
Dr. Malibu had never been.  He’s such a fan of Hawaii.   I knew he would love Alaska.

In four short days we went to:  Anchorage, Gridwood, Whittier, Seward, Wasilla and Palmer.

 photo Alyeska_zpscc07670e.jpg

Alyeska – I spent a lot of my childhood here

 photo ferry_zps242ce9fc.jpg

Ferry in Whittier

 photo fireweedhatcherpass_zpsb569042f.jpg

Fireweed at Hatchers Pass

 photo 1173691_10151641739928178_1387075454_n_zps9f8a0fa4.jpg

Dr. Malibu Catches a Silver!

 photo AKRailroad_zps306d25b6.jpg

Alaska Railroad

 photo hat_zpscc648377.jpg

He’s ready to go back.  So am I.

4)      Fostered puppies
While they all found good homes, I bonded.  The broken bond needed to be mended.

 photo foster_zps74ac5ad5.jpg

Four Pit Brindle Puppies

Thing 2 and I went to the Van Nuys Shelter and found this girl.  She was 6 months old and ready for a real home.  We call her Maui.

 photo MauiStool_zps6258e248.jpgI think that’s enough.A