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Wiltern Theater Soundgarden by @drmalibu

I’ve seen Soundgarden twice –both from the same perspective.

The first time was at the Forum – wayyyyy up high at the top.  The cool thing about the Forum is that even though you feel like you’re gonna hit your head on the ceiling,–  you’re  still oddly close to the stage. You have a way better view than you would at someplace like the Hollywood Bowl or the late Universal Amphitheater.  Of course, the sound is amazing!

My GF was at the same concert so Dr. Malibu and I went over to her side of the venue to say hello. There was some guy sitting in front of her who clearly had had a few cocktails. Or something.  Every few minutes he would bellow “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!” in the way only a crazy person off their meds could!  It was so funny we started joining in.  Every time one of us screamed “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!” he screamed “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!”.    This amused us for months afterwards.

 photo wiltherceiling_zpse5465695.jpg

Wiltern Theater Ceiling

Dr. Malibu and I went to Soundgarden again last night. It was total deja vu at the Wiltern Theater.  Again we had the birds eye view – we were super close to the ceiling with its amazing art deco design that adorns it and the theater walls.  The sound was great and we had a great view of the stage.

One thing we couldn’t help but notice – the audience was old. When did old people start going to concerts? Were these really the people I used to go to clubs with? The band started and everyone stood up with excitement and started dancing… which lasted one song.  Then everybody sat down.  It was clearly past bed time on a school night.  Then, typical of old people, everyone got up to pee.  It seemed like every five minutes we were letting people by.   The concert just started people!  You couldn’t go before it started?

The girl next to me was doing a weird dance with her arms. It looked like she was trying to land a plane – guiding it to her seat and then back to the stage.  At some point it was clear that she too, had had a few cocktails, and the pilot left to use the ladies.  We noticed when she came back, she stood for some time, trying to remember where she was supposed to be.   Dr. Malibu suggested that if she didn’t leave, she wouldn’t have trouble finding her seat.  “I haven’t had that much to drink” she responded “I have to drive”, holding up two hands as if gripping a steering wheel.   Back in her captains chair, she resumed the  navigation dance and screamed “I LOVE YOU CHRIS!”  Dr. Malibu and I immediately looked at each other and yelled “FUCK YEAH CHRIS!”
 photo Nicole_zpsa0ac100f.jpg
Awesome – now we have dance moves to go along with our favorite cheer!

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