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Me Time

This weekend, I was faced with 3 days of me time.  ME TIME!  A minor procedure prompted me to stay home, do nothing.  The only schedule was do a little clean up and catch up on Dexter and Martha on the Tivo!  Good times!  But I am so not your chill and relax girl…. oh no, projects beckoned to me, tempting me with their siren call!  And there I was, on lock down.  How could I resist?

Now, I was a good girl, I did my clean up.  I organized items in need of order, put away things that hadn’t seen their homes in months.  But it was the presents that did me in.  With  Thing 1 and Thing 2 away, I was able to safely wrap some Christmas presents and, hell, while I had the paper out, wrap some other presents that I had got an early start on for the Holidays…. That led me to thinking of other people on my list… and a couple of projects I meant to finish for them….   There’s the can of worms!   The pulled loose thread that unravels the sweater!   You see, there’s a REASON projects don’t get finished… kinda like writers block… and sometimes…whatever that block is… projects just have to set aside and until the answer reveals itself to you.  And damn if those answers didn’t make themselves clear this past weekend!

Out came the glitter and the glue… and the copper tape and beads.  And soon enough (s00n=alien abduction time) I had some pretty, funky necklaces all ready to be wrapped up and put under the still pending tree…. By the end of “me time” my home looked like it was hit by an earthquake…