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Red Balls Rock N Roll Pizza

Living in LA has its challenges, especially if you’re a working stiff like me.

The daily battle with the 405, the high cost of living and dubious air quality are all reasons to hate LA.

But here’s one reason to love it – Red Balls Rock N Roll Pizza.

As soon as I walked in there I knew I would love it – the ambiance alone is kick ass.  The bar and tables look like road gear that’s been emblillsed with various rock n roll parapanila like vinyl records and guitar picks.  Or maybe it’s because I have my very own chair at the bar (um – can we get the spelling corrected? – Thanks!)
 photo IMG_1915_zps34f94d2a.jpg

If the grunge rock decor is not your thing – then the food will win you over.  I have my favorite pizza places.  #1)  The Rainbow 2) Fab’s in Sherman Oaks  #3) Barones in Van Nuys and now… now there’s a 4rth.  Red Balls Rock n Roll pizza is WONDERFUL. Thin crisply crust, just the right amount of cheese and sauce.  The Mama Leahs Bronx White Pie was to die for.  I’m a fan.

If you’ve googled Red Balls and you ended up here – it’s probably because you’ve heard “the” rumors.   Yes – the Foo Fighters warmed up here before they went out on a quick tour.  Yes – Taylor Hawkins held the record release of Birds of Satan.  And yes – pretty much everyone in the Foo showed up.

I felt bad for Dave.  He obviously was there to enjoy the show and great music (he was rockin out in the crowd like the rest of his)  He was mobbed by endless stream of people taking selfies with the him in the background.  (He handled this all with a lot of class)

I plan on going back to Red Balls soon.  The place is just too awesome.