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Columbia Gorge Inspired Planters

I fell for these modern square shaped and yellow cream colored plant containers as soon as I saw them at a garage sale.  There were twelve available so I had a nice amount to play with.  Mismatched planters and pots look messy so of course I bought every one of them for a total of $20.  They are perfect for succulent plantings or ornamental grasses.

My trip to the Columbia Gorge provided the rest of the inspiration.  The hiking trails along the Columbia Rivers are swathed in vibrant green moss.  The moss covers the ancient basalt walls and trees.  Black river rocks glisten from the crystal clear creeks and streams.  I wanted to recreate that peaceful, lush, oasis at home.  My only challenge is Pepsi – or Bunn Bunn as I call him.

Bunn Bunn has free reign in my back yard – and he’s always curious when I move things around.  I’m sure he feels like you would if you friend came over and rearranged all the furniture in your living room without asking.  Bunn Bunn pretty much eats anything I grow back there.  So I thought I would try planting an ornamental grass which I’m hoping will be Pepsi proof.

Most likely, I’ll have to change my inspiration to another Gorge inspired plant – Lavender.  I know this is bunny proof and I love they way it smells and that it’s drought tolerant.

I planted these with a technique that I got from Inside Urban Green.  I’m not going to recreate what I learned from their website but I’m hoping it works.  I did mine a little differently (no drainage).  For best results check out Inside Urban Green.

I started by taking cutting down the height of the empty plastic pots that the plants originally came in.  Some were small so I used four of them for one pot, placing them upside down.

Then I filled the container with potting soil and added one plant.
Next I filled in the edges around the plant with more potting soil and gave it a nice watering.

I tore off pieces of moss and squished it around the plant and the sides of the container.  I added the black round river rocks to hide the gaps  and to add more interest to the planting.

Three finished planters are sitting at my front entrance – far, far away from Bunn Bunn.  One sacrificial planter is bracing itself in the backyard to see if Bunn Bunn is going to eat it or not.

American Pickers / Storage Wars / Pawn Stars – eat your heart out! It’s the Barker Hangar Yard Sale!

So after work – I went over to the Barker Hangar to see what treasures my friend Jude (the one Paul McCartney wrote the song about)  (well not really but it COULD be her) had stashed in her hangar.  Yup, she owns Hangars… and apparently a fishing boat, a vintage personal steamer sauna bath, a Duncan Kiln (which I want) and some other pretty kick ass stuff.

Are you an American Pickers fan?  LOVE Storage Wars?  Can’t get enough of Pawn Stars?  Seriously this sale is like all three rolled up into one!  And it’s being held as the same day as the Santa Monica Airport Antique Market so it’s pretty much a win win for everyone involved!  (This Sunday July 24th)

I was there to help Jude figure out how much we’re going to sell this stuff for (you know me, cheap prices – lets move this stuff)  It was really fun seeing all the cool stuff she had!

This is a short list – some not so exciting – others weird and bizarre!

An ENTIRE wall of Garden décor and Tchotchke’s.  Plus some planters and a wheel barrow planter.

Odd Things:
Personal Steam Bath/Sauna – like from the 80’s.  You sit in it with your head sticking out and think you’re supposed to come out slimmer.  Don’t they cook hot dogs this way?  Maybe you could use it as a hot dog steamer…
A Fishing Boat – seriously – who has a fishing boat… in a hangar – that’s just wrong… it’s like storing a plane in a slip.

Large bird case and stand



Vintage Singer Machine 71-30 and Table –
Duncan Kiln – Model 820-1
AMAZING high end vintage furniture –

A complete dining room set in fabulous condition – PERFECT for the Craftsman House.  It would be so amazing in a Spanish style house somewhere in the Hollywood Hills!
Super sexy deep crimson red leather office chair – complete with nail heads.

King Mattress – NEW in wrapper

Vintage Wool Rug

Holiday Décor items – like floor mats, and garden signs – basically if they sold it at Hallmark over the last 20 years it’s probably here.
Murphy Cabranette G48 Vintage Stove
Manufactured by Dwyer Products Corporation in Michigan City, Indiana. It is enamel white, with a four burner stove, and sink.

The bottom line is this is going to be really fun.  There are more treasure we couldn’t get to that will be pulled out for the actual sale.

Vintage 1890 Rococo French Headboard

The headboard project is complete.  And it is sooooo pretty.  I wish I could keep this piece.  I know I am going to regret selling it…. probably always.  But I bought it to sell and I’ve already had calls from Craiglist.  What do you think?  Keep it?  Or would you sell it?


Regardless, I’m holding on to it until the super FANTABULOUS Barker Hanger Yard Sale!  The cool thing about this sale is that it’s in the same area and same time as the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market.  In marketing you call that a captive audience!  Jude Barker has a bunch of cool stuff to stop storing in the hangar.  Seriously – she has a boat, a FISHING boat in there, a Cable Nelson Player Piano, a kiln (which I may have to buy) and who knows what other treasures will be unearthed.

Did I explain how cool the Barker Hanger is?  Presidents used to land and park Airforce One there.  Now it’s used to host fabulous events … like the FIDM Debut shows or Kids Choice Award parties  or cool rock videos or when auto companies need to film aerodynamics type commercials.  Many, many famous people have been there.  Sports figures, presidents, movie stars.  Movies stars like REAL movies stars – like Elizabeth Taylor!  And when she was there, she asked to use the bathroom.  And I have even peed on the VERY SAME toilet that Elizabeth Taylor peed on!

Carmageddon, Yard-mageddon, bust.

Not only was Carmageddon not the apocalyptic hell everyone expected – the yard sale was a bust also.

If you had anywhere to go this past weekend, chances are you got there 15 — 20 minutes earlier than normal.  That’s the power of the media.  Carmageddon now tops my three favorite days to drive in Los Angeles (followed closely by A Day without an Illegal Immigrants and Jewish holidays)

The yard sale actually wasn’t a complete bust – I got rid of a few boxes of stuff, left overs were donated to a charity (that will not be named because they charge too much for stuff people don’t want in the first place).

Despite the less than stellar sales (apparently EVERYONE in the valley had a yard sale that weekend) I did spend some quality time hanging out with friends, swapping clothes and getting a little sun (more like wrinkles since I don’t actually tan).

I DID save the best stuff – designer clothes and better housewares for NEXT week’s event – The Barker Hangar Yard Sale.   This should be an amazing event as it will feature vintage modern danish furniture pieces from the Barker family.  It will also feature the usual garage sale items.