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Lake Balboa Bungalow

I had it all planned out to move over the Memorial Day weekend – (making it the most memorial Memorial Day ever)

Move on Day 1,

Clean Apartment on Day 2,

Unpack on Day 3,

Utility Hook ups Day 4.

That was the plan.  Then it changed.  Then it changed again.

Home Buying – it’s an agonizing process.  You wait, like a small child on Dec 24th, for every crucial piece of the puzzle to fall into place.  And they sometimes don’t happen when they’re supposed to…. And your best laid plans crumble like a cheap shortbread cookie.  Then, you have to reschedule four utility companies, and frantically search for a moving company that is not already booked because now you’re moving at the end of the month…. Yeah.   And subject the kids to living in box city for another few days.

I had my moment.  Tears were shed.  But sometimes things work out for the better.

I didn’t have four days to move/unpack/clean the apartment….


I was able to attend a BBQ that I would have missed at the Geary House of Fun.  And it was really nice in the midst of packing to take a break, sit on my butt and enjoy some R&R with my friends.  I also was able to help out a girl friend with her mega garage sale.  And, as luck with have it, my GF Brandy came down to visit me amongst my boxes.  She got to see the new space, meet Dr. Malibu and sample his cooking.  Her dog Scout taught his dog Booker the finer points of fetching.  In between all this I was able to prime the wall in the apartment that was painted Vegas Gold – (bye bye Vegas, I hit another jackpot), strip the window film from my front window (not as tedious as I thought it would be) and took down all the pictures (I have far too much artwork) and patch the holes.

It was great having an extra day off to remember the people who have served our country.  My great grandfather, grandfather, father, uncle, brother and now my nephew have served this nation of ours.  The kids (and furry child too) spent a great afternoon at the Barker Ranch.

The last night my children will stayed in the apartment was bitter sweet.  My daughter and I will no longer be sharing a room.  I’m going to miss our time together – getting ready for school or work or powering down for the night – we had a lot of good talks before sleep.  It really makes me sad that I’m losing that.

Going through the final walkthrough I was reminded of the many different projects that would need to be done.   This house would need some love and hard work.  The rooms seemed smaller than I remembered.

But excitement won me over at dinner.  Dr. Malibu and I celebrated over a lovely bottle of Sea Smoke that he gave me.  The next morning – as I finished signing my papers – I was elated.  My home.  My new home.  I felt empowered, and fortunate and blessed.  I took a moment and a big breath  to cherish this dream come to fruition.

The Lake Balboa Bungalow