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Kix at the Key Club

I am getting the BEST birthday present!

Kix is playing for my birthday!  This band rarely makes it out to the west coast.  I’ve literally only seen them five times.

The first time I saw them was at the Country Club in Reseda.  A college buddy  said – “you gotta see this band”.   It was love at first sight!

Then I saw them at either the Roxy or the Whiskey.  I can’t remember because on my way out to Hollywood my car broke down in Beverly Hills.  There’s nothing more special than knocking on the door of a total billionaires house asking to use the phone while you’re dressed like a total whore (This was the 80’s people – “mini skirts and see through shirts” and no cell phones)  For Shame!

 photo 5412_1178946668319_7546816_n_zpsec594e7b.jpg

Kat with Kix at Rocklahoma

The next time was Exposure in Hollywood.  I swear my BF Kat was with me but she doesn’t remember.  I do remember going there though – on my own dime – spending that Girl Money.

 photo 20865_1457196584393_3212955_n_zps804a198c.jpg

Steve Whiteman after playing at Rocklahoma

The last time I saw them was at the House of Blues.
Someone should have told me Don’t Close Your Eyes.

 photo 47325_1471212113305_8143197_n_zps5a0dd877.jpg

Getting my Kix on!

Next time will be at the Key Club…. for my birthday.

You know how it is for your birthday, you want to do SOMETHING.  But we’re past the age where you feel like you need to make a big deal out of one more pass around the sun.  Plus, Dr. Malibu just had an epic party that will never be matched –  so when Kix decided to play, for my birthday – it was set.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Best Birthday Ever!  Thank you Kix!