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Realtor Sponsored Garage Sales

This weekend, Thing 1 was my wingman – he has finally developed a love of garage sales.  Right in our very own neighborhood, a garage sale event of epic proportions took place!  The new trick with Realtors is to sponsor neighborhood wide garage sales.  Love it.  So after I dropped of Thing 2 at gymnastics, Thing 1, myself and the furry child headed out.  The first item we found was a vintage carved headboard.  How could I resist it’s clean feminine lines, the carved filigree flowers, and an inner panel screaming for an update.   I wish from the bottom of my heart that I had a room to keep this pretty piece.   But this will be painted white, the panel re-upholstered in a black and white damask (or something else clean and crisp) and perhaps studded (to look like nailheads).  Thing 2 picked up a few vinyl records from the progressive rock era.  We’re going to display them in the shelving over his desk – the perfect decor for a 14 year old and aspiring musician!   I also picked up (brand new, in the box) a Williams Sonoma Message-In-A-Cookie cutter which will guarantee another solid first place win at the annual Christmas Cookie Exchange.   I was recently informed that the stakes are higher this year.