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It followed me home… I had to keep it.

I love a good estate sale. A REAL estate sale – the kind where someone lived in that house for 40+ years and has moved on to better places.  I recently stumbled upon a doozy.  It was the estate of costume designer Grady Hunt.  His house was filled with grand furniture and  silver and artwork and SEWING SUPPLIES!  I hit the mother load!  Zippers, beads, sequins, fabric – oh my.  I walked out of there with a giant box of fabulous for $20 bucks.

Well, I tried to walk out of there…. But there was this charming little desk… (did I say charming – I meant CHARMING)  It was darling!  I already have a fabulous vintage desk in my living room.  I REALLY didn’t need, have room for, or desire another vintage desk.   But I thought with it’s wonderful condition and the feminine shape I could sell it on Craigslist?  “I could double my money!” I rationalized.

“Let’s just offer less than what they’re asking and see what they say.  If they won’t take $25 less then we’ll walk away.  It wasn’t meant to be.”  And since they were already asking a rock bottom price… what were the odds….


They were very nice when they helped me load it into my car.

Mr. Malibu grudgingly helped me move it into my entryway to await it’s fate.   But it couldn’t stay there for long.  My dad was coming to stay, and the likelihood of Thing 1 running into was high.  So somehow, magically, it found it’s way into my bedroom… damn it.

And it looks really cute there.

I was going to sell it, really….

but I think it likes me.