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Wine Tasting

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As women, we tend to orbit around the most important people in our lives – our kids and significant others.  And while we know it’s really important to take time for ourselves, we seldom do.  Family, friends and even work gets prioritized above ourselves.

It was almost with a mutinous spirit that I headed out to Malibu last weekend with 3 friends, for an afternoon of wine tasting, bonding and renewal.  After weeks of cold and then rainy weather, the day was gorgeous, warm and clear.  Giddy with excitement, we escaped out to a few local wineries in Malibu.  If felt like we skipped school, each of us revealing how we ditched our responsibilities.

I must say that all four of these women are blessed with their relationships and families and careers.  But you can’t put women together without some sort of interchange of lives and relationships.  So we shared a few stories, a lot of laughs, and some lovely wine.  It was the perfect getaway.  We weren’t just tasting wine – we were sipping on the rare flavor of freedom.