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What I Did Last Summer

Now that the kids are back in school, I’ll update the badly neglected blog with the requisite back to school assignment “What I Did Last Summer”

1)       Went to Maui.
Hate on me all you want, but I had a free place to stay and a free car to drive (that probably didn’t quell any hatred).

Here’s what we did…

 photo haleakela_zpsbf302b4c.jpg

Sun Rising Over Haleakala July 4th 2013

Nakalele Blow Hole

Nakalele Blow Hole

Got sprayed by a blow hole (standing safely FAR from the hole)

 photo waterpark_zps94b763d6.jpg

Warning Sign at Nakalele Blow Hole

 photo snorkel2_zps72348b8a.jpg

Honolua Bay

Snorkeled with turtles, seals,  and beautiful fish

 photo SevenSacredPools_zps7bcd39da.jpg

Seven Sacred Pools in Hana

Drove the back way into Hana and fulfilled a life time dream to swim in the Seven Sacred Pools….

 photo notsosacredpools_zpsa2839403.jpg

Nothing Sacred About these Pools

 photo bambooforestinHana_zpsc45285d1.jpg

Walked through a Bamboo Forest

 photo cornatFirstFridayMaui_zps5f477449.jpg

Enjoyed the food and festivities at First Friday

 photo venuspool_zpsedd75abe.jpg
Jumped off a cliff to a cheering crowd of 8 year olds who put me to shame
That’s Thing 2 who also put me to shame.
So did Thing 1 and Dr. Malibu.

 photo lavahole_zps3f4ba5b6.jpg

Walked through a Lava tube

 photo tikitorches_zpsd988a2c2.jpg

Tiki Torches at Sunset

 photo sunsetattheRitz_zpsc4980705.jpg

Sunset at the Four Season in Maui

 photo sunsetontheLanai_zps8fa03c75.jpg

Sunset on the Lanai

 photo handstandsinthesand_zpsfe9fc8ec.jpg

Handstands in the sands

Enjoyed 8 nights of Sunsets

 photo LuauinMauiFireDancer_zpsa91534cf.jpg

Snuck into a Luau

 photo JnJatSunset_zpse136999f.jpg
Gave my kids the experience of a life time!

2)      Grew tomatoes.
Buckets of tomatoes.  Cherry, Roma, I picked bowls and bowls of tomatoes.  I made pasta sauce, after sauce, after sauce, and salsa, and salad after salad and tomato soup.  They are still producing.
 photo tomatoes_zps054d96cd.jpg

3)      Went to Alaska
Dr. Malibu had never been.  He’s such a fan of Hawaii.   I knew he would love Alaska.

In four short days we went to:  Anchorage, Gridwood, Whittier, Seward, Wasilla and Palmer.

 photo Alyeska_zpscc07670e.jpg

Alyeska – I spent a lot of my childhood here

 photo ferry_zps242ce9fc.jpg

Ferry in Whittier

 photo fireweedhatcherpass_zpsb569042f.jpg

Fireweed at Hatchers Pass

 photo 1173691_10151641739928178_1387075454_n_zps9f8a0fa4.jpg

Dr. Malibu Catches a Silver!

 photo AKRailroad_zps306d25b6.jpg

Alaska Railroad

 photo hat_zpscc648377.jpg

He’s ready to go back.  So am I.

4)      Fostered puppies
While they all found good homes, I bonded.  The broken bond needed to be mended.

 photo foster_zps74ac5ad5.jpg

Four Pit Brindle Puppies

Thing 2 and I went to the Van Nuys Shelter and found this girl.  She was 6 months old and ready for a real home.  We call her Maui.

 photo MauiStool_zps6258e248.jpgI think that’s enough.A

Wine Tasting

 photo winerycollage_zps1e9ab802.jpg

As women, we tend to orbit around the most important people in our lives – our kids and significant others.  And while we know it’s really important to take time for ourselves, we seldom do.  Family, friends and even work gets prioritized above ourselves.

It was almost with a mutinous spirit that I headed out to Malibu last weekend with 3 friends, for an afternoon of wine tasting, bonding and renewal.  After weeks of cold and then rainy weather, the day was gorgeous, warm and clear.  Giddy with excitement, we escaped out to a few local wineries in Malibu.  If felt like we skipped school, each of us revealing how we ditched our responsibilities.

I must say that all four of these women are blessed with their relationships and families and careers.  But you can’t put women together without some sort of interchange of lives and relationships.  So we shared a few stories, a lot of laughs, and some lovely wine.  It was the perfect getaway.  We weren’t just tasting wine – we were sipping on the rare flavor of freedom.

Serpentine Dresser Reveal

The Serpentine dresser was finished quite awhile ago.  I cleaned out my garage (where it lived while I was refinishing it) and was able to park the car in there (which lasted until I pulled out all the Christmas decorations).

Since the Serpentine Dresser has 9 drawers I wanted to utilized the space really well (I’m really geeky like that).  I envisioned that it would be able to house my dainties just like you see at Victoria Secrets.   And now the vision has come to fruition!  No more crammed lingerie.  No more socks tangled with the bathing suites.   Everything has it’s own place.

2 drawers dedicated to brassieres – Victoria Secret style (love)

1 drawer for panties – I have a system of folding them so they all fit neatly in one drawer (geeky)

1 drawer for socks

1 drawer for camisoles

1 drawer for bathing suites

1 drawer for T-shirts

1 drawer for work out gear/yoga pants

Here’s the final image of the dresser in my tiny bedroom.  The dresser works so much better since its around the same height of my bed.   It’s a large piece yet it doesn’t overwhelm the tiny space.  The drawers glide smoothly, everything is accessible and I’m loving, loving, loving it!
 photo SerpentineFinal_zps6d00c2a5.jpg

Marco Polo with your Smoke Alarm

Someone needs to explain WHY smoke alarm detectors give off the low battery beep ONLY between the hours of 2:00 AM – 4:00 AM…..

Seriously – in my 40+ years of existence on this earth, the smoke alarm low battery indicators have never gone off at say, 1:00 in the afternoon….   A time during which you can replace all the batteries and if you need to, go out and buy more.

It’s always in the dead of night – waking you from a deep sleep, and necessary REM.

Just to make if MORE fun – that intermittent chirping is programmed at exactly 4 minute long intervals – so it’s only after you remove the batteries from the suspected alarm, and snuggle back into bed, that you hear that god forsaken “beep” indicating, yeah, you got the wrong one…

So you stand there in the middle of the night, listening for the “beep”, trying to find the guilty party, removing battery after battery.  After every battery has been removed from every smoke alarm in the house, you go back to bed only to hear “chirp”.

It’s like you died in your sleep and were transported to hell.

Once again, you get up and stumble around, possibly spilling a glass of water on something that now needs to be mopped up,  then you remember “oh, yeah” somewhere is the carbon monoxide indicator which somehow got moved.  So at 2:30 AM I am impatiently waiting for the next beep to indicate, like an evil game of Marco Polo, where the fuck the carbon monoxide alarm is hiding.

This is why (as I was reminded by Dr. Malibu) that you are supposed to replace your batteries at Day Light Savings.  Or today…  today might work too.