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What are your plaster walls?

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

The kids and I braved Black Friday – each had birthday money burning a hole in their pocket.  It’s probably the third time I’ve been to the mall all year.

Of course, during Thanksgiving I was reminded about all the things I was thankful for.  I have so many – my family, my friends, my home.  And while thinking about my home I flashed back to the nice lady who performed an act of God and found the Lake  Balboa Bungalow for me.  It was something she said and did that I recall so vividly.  She ran her hands lovingly over the plaster walls of the Bungalow and said in a longing voice “I love how smooth plaster walls are.”  (She lived in a newer home with drywall)

Until that moment, I hated plaster walls.  I hated how when you needed to mount a bracket or a shelf (or even a picture) you have to reinforce the hole.  I hated how the plaster crumbles away and won’t even hold a screw or nail.  And good luck finding a stud – those little magnetic stud finders are useless on vintage walls.

But through someone else’s eyes I was shown how beautiful they were, that they were, in fact desirable.

It changed my long held perspective – I look differently at those walls – and I see how smooth and beautiful they are.  How is it that I never saw that?

So while I was thinking about my home, and plaster walls, and how odd it was I had hated them, it occurred to me, there are a lot of plaster walls in life.  And maybe what we really need is to change our perspective.

 photo diningtable_zps4553944d.jpg

Thanksgiving Table at the Barker Ranch – table extends out the door as usual!