Cyberpunkjunk Etsy Store

My Etsy store has been a long time project.  I opened the account back in 2007 but have yet to list a single item.

Chalk that up to the glamorous lifestyle of a single mom with two kids engaged in every activity  – gymnastics, baseball, singing lessons, guitar lessons, banjo lessons, trombone/tuba lessons.

Now Thing 1 is filling out his college apps.  Yes – that’s right.  I have a 16 year old applying for college.  If that doesn’t freak you out, you need to apply for the Special Forces Ops cause you got nerves of steel.

In light of looming college expenses (did he really just say Pepperdine?) it’s time to get the whole Etsy thing going.

The Cyberpunkjunk Etsy store specializes in Vintage and Craft items.  A lot of the items are Vintage craft materials – something I have a particular fondness for.  Vintage fabric, lace, beads or a vintage kit, tool or pattern.

Don’t know why I love this stuff – just do.  Sometimes the styling of the patterns make me laugh but other times I recognize where a current design trend came from.  Sometimes the items are just made better.  Sometimes they just don’t make stuff like this anymore.

It’s my goal to list new items every day…. We’ll see how that goes….

All funds will be used towards Thing 1’s college expenses.

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About cyberpunkjunk

Rock n Roll Girl who came of age in the early 90's. Love to craft, cook and curb collect! I find nothing more satisfying than turning a beautiful vintage find and re-purposing it to something stylish and useful!

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