The grass is always greener

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It’s been a cold winter here in la la land.  I’ve actually scraped frost off my windshield twice just recently but lately it feels like Spring!

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All the bulbs are blooming

The Daffodils are in full force.  Every day another 10 or more of these floral rays of sunshine burst open.  The freesia buds are forming and soon they will be following suite.

 photo IMG_0756_zpsa6c739ef.jpg

JD loves to lie in the grass

Look at the backyard!  The weed infested dirt patch has been transformed into a lush, velvety green carpet.  NO one loves it more than JD.

Well, Farmer Malibu does.  He’s the one in charge back there.

Originally I had no plans to grow grass back there.  With a brand new house, the yard was not on my short list.  Dr. Malibu took over – roughing up the soil, amending it with manure and seeding the soil.  After endless rounds of sweeping up tracked in dirt, I finally caved and had my friends over at The Sprinkler Tech come and install sprinklers.  Plus I knew all this work would be for naught if the yard didn’t get regularly watered.   I was also motivated by the addition of a few new roses.

Dr. Malibu did apply a retail brand weed and feed to the lawn but special precautions were made to ensure that JD didn’t get sick. Despite the instructions that say you can allow pets on the lawn a day after it’s applied and watered – JD waited a full week during a rainy period to ensure that everything was dissolved and absorbed into the soil.

Everything and everyone is now thriving.  Going forward – the soil amendments will be organic as I don’t want to add more chemicals and disrupt the healthy eco system in my soil.  The clay rich soil in my back yard has a very good worm population and I want to ensure those little guys are happy!

 photo daffblack_zps2e122a80.jpg

Happy Little Daffodils!

Speaking of worms – one of my birthday gifts was a worm farm!  I’ve promised Judi Barker my first batch of worm poo –she is thrilled…

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