Red Hot NAMM 2012

Every year I attend the NAMM show – (The National Association of Music Merchants).  I have absolutely no business or reason to attend the show.  I am not a musician and I don’t work in the music business.  But I do love Rock N Roll and thus the NAMM show where where hundreds of people who attend feel the same way.  Dr. Malibu likens the show to a high school reunion, bumping into old friends and reconnecting.   Getting your hands on a NAMM badge takes some connections but it’s not a tragedy if you can’t actually attend the show.  There’s a lot going on outside the convention center walls.

This year I ran across a booth Ultra Case which had a uniquely crafted quilt backdrop.  The owner’s sister in law, Liza, made the quilt using a collection of his treasured vintage rock t-shirts.  If you don’t know anything about quilting, you should know it’s one of the most undervalued and underappreciated forms of art.  To do it well requires a lot of skill, a good eye and even more patience.  Quilts take a long time to make.   I love that the notes along the border play Bohemian Rhapsody.  Amazing!  You an check out Liza’s work here.


You never know what you’ll see NAMM.  People are dressed in some crazy gear, girls are decked out in mini skirts and fishnets, boys in their metal finest, tattoos from head to toe.  A few merchants post scantily clad girls around their booth to attract attention.  Gator Cases put this gator gal on display to capture interest from the crowds.  I couldn’t resist a quick pet and photo op.

I wore my newest and coolest Pink Polkadot Dress and ran into the designer herself – Sharise Neil – who spotted me wearing her dress!

The highlight of the event for me, was meeting Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers!  Chad tolerated my death grip on his jacket and stepping on his toes during my excitement over meeting him and getting a picture!

When the convention center shuts down for the day, the evening is just gearing up.  Groups gather in the Hilton Anaheim lobby or the Marriott.  Literally, people party like rock stars until morning.  I mixed up a few shakers of lemon drops (of course) for the gathering in our room.  Just the right way to kick off the evening where more rounds of reunion occur and new friendships are forged.  Rock on!

About cyberpunkjunk

Rock n Roll Girl who came of age in the early 90's. Love to craft, cook and curb collect! I find nothing more satisfying than turning a beautiful vintage find and re-purposing it to something stylish and useful!

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