Monthly Archives: July 2011

Vacation and the impending Carmageddon

I’ve been out of town on the most glorious, fabulous, wonderful vacation.  The kind where you immediately feel at ease, feel at peace and have just a wonderful, wonderful time.  Where?  The Gorge.  WHERE????  Yeah, the Gorge – not exactly a paradise and sanctuary inspiring name.   The name Gorge conjures up images of some infested, rotten hole in the ground.  Probably why it’s one of the best kept vacation secrets ever.

Why do I love this place?  First – it’s STUNNINGLY beautiful.  Second – it’s the hot bed of water sports (right on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington – Kite Boarding, Paddle Boarding, Wind Surfing and Sailing)  And lastly – it’s a very creative, artistic community that lives there.  Think Microsoft culture meets Sante Fe.

So that’s where I was – with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Dr. Malibu joined us for the ride up there.  Predictably, he ran into someone he knew, right past the TSA checkpoint.  Friends that he’s known for 30 years – traveling on our plane (of course) – but they were headed to the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association event.  Uh… yeah.  Yet another long time, good friend was participating.  So our trip to the Gorge was sidetracked to attend the USLMRA event.  How could we turn it down?  Surely not after hearing their motto is “We turn a weekend chore into a competitive sport!”


After the thrill and spectacle of watching lawn mowers with modified gear ratios compete – we headed out to Multnomah Falls – tourist trap – but beautiful.   A must see.

The rest of our days were filled with hiking beautiful, waterfall graced trails, learning to sail and Kayak in the Hood River Marina, (Thing 2 is now a sailing school drop out), eating some pretty amazing food and just having a great time.
Now – we’re back in LA LA land, bracing ourselves for the impending apocalyptic disaster known as CARMAGEDDON.   For the first time in 50 years, the 405 freeway, a freeway where 10 miles typically takes you an hour, will be shut down. – for 72 hours.  Those in the valley will be segregated to the valley.  Those in the South are not going North.

This weekend – I will be holding the Yard Sale to end all Yard Sales – Yard-Mageddon!  Our epic adventures of summer 2011 continue!