American Pickers / Storage Wars / Pawn Stars – eat your heart out! It’s the Barker Hangar Yard Sale!

So after work – I went over to the Barker Hangar to see what treasures my friend Jude (the one Paul McCartney wrote the song about)  (well not really but it COULD be her) had stashed in her hangar.  Yup, she owns Hangars… and apparently a fishing boat, a vintage personal steamer sauna bath, a Duncan Kiln (which I want) and some other pretty kick ass stuff.

Are you an American Pickers fan?  LOVE Storage Wars?  Can’t get enough of Pawn Stars?  Seriously this sale is like all three rolled up into one!  And it’s being held as the same day as the Santa Monica Airport Antique Market so it’s pretty much a win win for everyone involved!  (This Sunday July 24th)

I was there to help Jude figure out how much we’re going to sell this stuff for (you know me, cheap prices – lets move this stuff)  It was really fun seeing all the cool stuff she had!

This is a short list – some not so exciting – others weird and bizarre!

An ENTIRE wall of Garden décor and Tchotchke’s.  Plus some planters and a wheel barrow planter.

Odd Things:
Personal Steam Bath/Sauna – like from the 80’s.  You sit in it with your head sticking out and think you’re supposed to come out slimmer.  Don’t they cook hot dogs this way?  Maybe you could use it as a hot dog steamer…
A Fishing Boat – seriously – who has a fishing boat… in a hangar – that’s just wrong… it’s like storing a plane in a slip.

Large bird case and stand



Vintage Singer Machine 71-30 and Table –
Duncan Kiln – Model 820-1
AMAZING high end vintage furniture –

A complete dining room set in fabulous condition – PERFECT for the Craftsman House.  It would be so amazing in a Spanish style house somewhere in the Hollywood Hills!
Super sexy deep crimson red leather office chair – complete with nail heads.

King Mattress – NEW in wrapper

Vintage Wool Rug

Holiday Décor items – like floor mats, and garden signs – basically if they sold it at Hallmark over the last 20 years it’s probably here.
Murphy Cabranette G48 Vintage Stove
Manufactured by Dwyer Products Corporation in Michigan City, Indiana. It is enamel white, with a four burner stove, and sink.

The bottom line is this is going to be really fun.  There are more treasure we couldn’t get to that will be pulled out for the actual sale.

About cyberpunkjunk

Rock n Roll Girl who came of age in the early 90's. Love to craft, cook and curb collect! I find nothing more satisfying than turning a beautiful vintage find and re-purposing it to something stylish and useful!

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