Monthly Archives: June 2011

The furry children need to get along…

The furry children had a come to Jesus moment.  JD, the favorite furry child is not allowed out in the garden.  This lack of privilege scores him multiple walks daily.  But his favorite past time has become lying in wait in front of the sliding glass door… watching for Pepsi (or Bunn Bunn as I call him).  Bunn Bunn is not concerned in the least about his stalker.  He knows he’s quicker than that clumsy dog and has lots a tiny spots to hide in.  He’s also got cojones mas grandes (these cojones are responsible for his being exiled to my back yard in the first place)

But enough is enough.  Every time I want to use the barbeque or enjoy my garden, I have to keep opening and shutting the door.  JD’s a big dog and he’s in the way.  Last weekend JD got a little training in “what is not okay to chase and eat”.  This is very hard for JD as it goes completely against his instincts.

Mr. Malibu was just the one for the job.  He’s the dog whisperer…. and bunny whisperer.  I think he’s just alpha male.  Anyway, JD and Bunn Bunn got a little face time.  And all went well.  JD was kept in control, and Mr. Malibu had a firm grip on Bunn Bunn to keep him out of harms way.  No bunny or dog was harmed (JD is actually a very good natured dog and very obedient)

My dream is that Bunn Bunn and JD can eventually get along.   But please note that I don’t for a minute trust JD alone with Bunn Bunn.  I prefer that we all have happy experiences.


Vintage Tray Message Du Jour Boards

I’ve been looking and looking for some old vintage metal trays.  I thought they would be cute with their inner sections painted in chalk paint.  Cute to display around the home – handy for whatever the “Message Du Jour” is!  Thing 1 and Thing 2 always have fun with things like these and there’s no telling what message someone might leave, tempted with a blank slate and piece of chalk!

The weekend garage sales hadn’t turned up anything.  My search of the local thrift stores turned up a few items that were too much money and just really not what I was envisioning.  I was really looking to pay no more than a $1.00 (or even less).

Are you familiar with “the Secret”?  It’s a philosophy where you put a message out to the universe.  Basically you manifest your desires.  I’m familiar with the concept only.  But I will tell you this, I do seem to have this gift!  Need a new Cuisinart?  I’ll find one, brand new at an estate sale for $25 complete with the extra blade set.  What about a Barbecue for the rental house in Palm Springs?  How’s $20 bucks sound, gently used with a filled propane tank to boot!

Yeah, lucky me.  This is my gift in life – it couldn’t be something cool like winning lotteries or finding diamonds.  But finding that certain something that I feel I need… it comes to me.

Sure enough, sooner than expected, someone moved out of one of the apartments where I lived.  They left a bunch of kitchen goods, stacked neatly in a covered area next to the recycling.  Three darling little vintage trays yelled out to me and caught my attention.  They were not too big!  Not too small.  EXACTLY what I was envisioning!

After cleaning up the trays and applying a couple of coats of chalk paint, I had three festive little message boards, perfect for any occasion!

Naturally, Thing 2 was the first to grab the chalk and leave her message!